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The Potterverse Tarot Fest

Boston Area
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Fanfic and fanart in the Harry Potter universe inspired by the Tarot.
This community was started by Ravenna C. Tan ravenna_c_tan to host the Potterverse Tarot Fest for Harry Potter fanfic and art inspired by the Tarot. The lovely design and color scheme were made by pinkelephant42. (Sadly, the comm's original header art was lost.)

The current Master List of the Tarot deck is here, linked to the fic or art (or both) that were created for each card in the opening rounds of the Fest.

Signups are now officially closed for round three (posting in August 2008), though there are a few slots left for specific days that latecomers or pinch-hitters could fill. If you are interested, please follow the signup procedure and a moderator will get back to you about what dates are open.

When an active round is not occurring, the comm is open to postings, recs, and cross-postings of any and all tarot-inspired HP fanfic and fanart, and for people who want to "fill in" the slots for cards that were not completed in earlier rounds of the fest.

For more information before posting, visit the Fest Rules & FAQ Post. All types and genres of fic and art are accepted, and no prior knowledge of the Tarot is required!

You must join the comm in order to have posting privileges.

ravenna_c_tan, clauclauclaudia, pinkelephant042
Email: ravenna_c_tan -@- yahoo.com
AIM: pinstripepen