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Potterverse Tarot Fest VI - The Potterverse Tarot Fest

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June 25th, 2011

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04:46 pm - Potterverse Tarot Fest VI
Fanfare please! This is the hp_tarot Round Four Announcement Post!

Here's some preparatory info about the next round of the Potterverse Tarot Fest.

We will have room for a maximum of 25 writers and 25 artists, and slots will be assigned first-come first-serve. Signups will begin on July 15th and run to July 31st unless all slots are filled before then. THIS IS NOT THE SIGNUP POST. This is just a preliminary post to get you prepared. SIGNUPS ARE NOW OPEN, over HERE: http://http://hp-tarot.livejournal.com/60534.html

General Description:
The fest is for Harry Potter fanfic and fanart that is inspired by or connected to the Tarot. All pairings and ratings are welcome! In the past, we have been home to many unique pairings (like Harry/Padma and Hermione/Barty Crouch Jr.) as well as many of the more well-known ones (like Harry/Draco and Snarry). The stories do *not* have to actually have Tarot cards or Divination in them. We use the meanings and interpretations of Tarot cards as a jumping off place to create new Harry Potter stories and art. Slash, gen, het, all variations and all ratings are welcome!

Fest Theme: Fill In The Blanks
After three rounds of fest, we actually have some surprising cards that were never previously claimed, plus we lost some when previous artists/writers deleted their journals, left fandom, etc. This time around, we'll be trying to fill in the holes in the deck.

Each card represents some element of human life, character, or conflict. In the claiming post we'll provide interpretations for each card, but if you have an interpretation you like better, go for it! The idea is to use *some* interpretation of the card as a prompt, even if that interpretation is just visual. For example, you could use The Tower for a story set on the Astronomy Tower, or maybe the Eiffel Tower? (Plus, the title of the chapter in Half-Blood Prince, The Lightning Struck Tower, is a reference to the Tower card!)

For writers: The card you choose from the list of available cards might suggest a main character to you, or a pairing, or it might suggest what the outcome of the story is. It's up to you. One example might be the Four of Swords, which can represent "A truce. Rest from Strife." Hmm, would that tempt me to write an AU where Draco goes to Harry for help in sixth year? Or where Harry makes peace with Snape before it's too late?

For artists: You do not have to try to make your art look like a "traditional" Tarot card. You could also do a comic, or something else entirely!

When you post your claim, here's what you'll post in the comments:

Your Name/Journal:
Pairing or Main Character:
Fic or Art?
Preferred week of posting: (1: Aug 22-26, 2: Aug 29-Sep 2, 3: Sept 5-9, 4: Sept 12-16, 5: Sept 19-23)
Card Chosen:
including brief description of the divination or interpretation you used, or if you are going with what was in the table.

For example:

Journal: ficisforever
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Sept 5-9
Card represented: Two of Swords
This card says Harry/Draco to me because of how it can represent opposites in conflict, but also in balance.

Another example:
Journal: scorpisluv
Main Character: Scorpius Malfoy
As close to Sept 1st as possible please?
Ten of Pentacles can mean "family inheritance" so I will be using Scorpius in my picture.

Reminder: the fest is open to stories of all ratings, including R and NC-17. We are also open to all pairings, both the popular ones, and the rare ones. Alternate universes? Varying levels of canon-compliancy? Canon rewrites? All good!

Art can be representative of a specific card (and we have a list of cards for which no art has been produced yet in any previous round!) or can tell a story inspired by the cards. It's really up to you. Flash movie? Comic? Portrait painting? All good.

Some General Rules:
Fics must be 1000 words in length minimum, and must be beta-read. Fics that have egregious grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors in them may be pulled down and asked to be fixed up, and the writers issued a scolding, so please take this beta-reading requirement seriously. We ask that artists, too, please help maintain the high quality of the community.

All posts must be made IN THE COMM and not in personal journals with a fake cut. You are welcome to repost your stories or art and archive them elsewhere after the fest ends, but during the fest itself hp_tarot should be the only place it appears. We will have a special server for hosting the art submissions. By submitting art for the fest, you are implicitly giving permission for us to archive it indefinitely.

Reminders and instructions on how to submit will come later. See the FAQ for the posting template.

Dates For Round Four:

The signup/claiming post will be open on Friday, July 15th, at 12 noon Eastern USA time. Signups will remain open until Sunday July 31st at 10pm US Eastern time. Posting will begin on August 22 and run for approximately 5 weeks. As before, we will ask each participant to pick a posting week, and then we will assign a particular day within that week for each person. Each person will be expected to post on the date they are assigned... or as close to as possible. (Sometimes RL gets in the way...) This is just to ensure a general flow of fic and art throughout the fest and to give each story its time in the sun if possible.

Signups Start: July 15th 12 noon Eastern (US)
Signups End: July 31st 10pm Eastern (US) -- or as soon as all slots are filled
Submissions Due: each submission is due on its posting date
Posting begins: August 22
Posting Ends: Sept 23 or so

So start sharpening your pencils! See you on July 15th!

Oh, wait, I forgot to tell you about prizes!
So, in the previous three rounds of the fest, we awarded prizes. These were not your typical fest prizes. What we did after the fest closed was take nominations (anonymously and in comments) for anything that people wanted to praise. Best Romance? Best Post-war Snape? Best AU? Most Fun to Be Had On A Broom? Most Gorgeous Use of Sunlight in a Painting? You get the idea.

We also gave prizes to commenters! To the top commenter (the most comments) and also to the single best comment left in the fest!

These prizes consist of a banner suitable for posting in your journal and userinfo.

HOWEVER, there's more! Since the last time we ran this fest, I've been publishing original fic with a digital romance publisher. I've been writing a series called Magic University which is a very Potter-esque story, except that our hero arrives at Harvard and discovers he can see the magical buildings hidden on the campus. The Magic U books have a lot of Tarot in them, both in the plot and the themes, and I've gotten permission from Ravenous Romance to give away some copies of the ebooks as prizes! Everyone who wins a prize of any kind will get their choice of the Magic U ebooks, and the Top Commenter, Favorite Overall Fic, and Favorite Overall Art will each get a paperback of book one, as well.

Thank you, everyone! I can't wait to see what magical stories and images you'll create!

*Read the Cards*

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